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Peter Austin pa2 at SOAS.AC.UK
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If you are going to include semantics in the file names can I make a plea
that your labels are a little more transparent -- why not use:


rather than FM09_v10A ?? v could stand for "version" or "volume" or who
knows what else, and, as for "A", well that's anyone's guess. Also, if the
"09" is a year then write it as 2009 (one might even argue for "felicity" or
"meakins" rather than "FM"). I recommend separators like _ as well, as Bill
Poser did in his contribution to this discussion. Note also, that if you
have more than 99 video sessions you'll need the label to be:


I think there are good reasons for being a little more explicit in file
names if you want to put in some (useful) semantics like this -- after all
YOU know what "FM" "09" "v" "A" mean but who else could guess? Compare that



On 3 May 2010 18:19, Felicity Meakins <f.meakins at> wrote:

> This is a good point, particularly if you use two recorders (e.g. audio
> recorded plus video camera) to record the same session. I use 'v' and 'a'
> to
> distinguish these. In this respect, it is the recording _session_ that's
> primary, not the actual recording.
> FM09_v10A
> FM=me
> 09=year (full date is in metadata)
> v=video
> 10=recording session
> A=part of recording session
> e.g. recording session may have taken place at X place but over two hours
> we
> recorded 3 stories A, B, C.
> On 3/5/10 6:13 PM, "Joe Blythe" <blythe.joe at> wrote:
> > The only two cents worth I'd like to add to this discussion is that I had
> to
> > modify my numbering numbering system to indicate whether the original
> > recording was made with a video or dedicated audio recorder. I only mark
> the
> > video ones as "vid".
> >
> > Thus video files might be
> >
> >
> > Because you sometimes need to extract audio files from video files the
> video
> > file, such an extracted audio file would be
> > 20100503JBvid01.wav
> >
> > This ensures that any files recorded on the same date from a dedicated
> audio
> > recorder (e.g., 20100503JBv01.wav) don't end up with the same file name.
> >
> > Joe
> >
> >

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