Digitising equipment?

Margaret Carew margaret.carew at BATCHELOR.EDU.AU
Fri May 14 03:52:47 UTC 2010


I’m just about to do a fair amount of digitising from cassette tape and plan to both repatriate these recordings to the community and archive them. I’ve just read through he RNLD thread on digitising from earlier this year, and so am pretty clear on sample rates etc. I also heed the warning that archival digitising should be done once and so am trying to get this right in a tight time frame.

I’m now wondering about equipment. I’ve got more time than money to do this and am imagining that I’ll use the gear that I normally use to digitise tapes. This is:

A reasonably recent Macbook Pro running OS 10.5.8
A tape deck Yamaha KX-W421 (old, but little used and clean) 
A good quality 3.5mm on each end cable to join the computer and tapedeck
Audacity, to record the input

Will this do?

Marg Carew

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