Toolbox on Mac

Felicity Meakins f.meakins at UQ.EDU.AU
Tue May 18 04:03:43 UTC 2010

I also use Toolbox on a Mac with Parallels. It is a bit slow and clunky but
works fine. What doesn't work (and is frustrating) is Lexique Pro. It
appears to work but I can never get a decently formatted file out of it.

On 18/5/10 1:58 PM, "Aidan Wilson" <aidan.wilson at> wrote:

> I have been using toolbox on Ubuntu with wine and it works fairly well -
> some issues at times, but when talking about toolbox, it's difficult to
> separate issues involving wine from those involving toolbox itself.
> On a Mac, Joe Blythe shoehorned toolbox on his mac  using crossover, and
> Jeremy Hammond used Parallels, each swears by his method. The difference
> is that parallels is running a virtual machine (that integrates nicely
> with the Mac OS), so you have to have a copy of Windows (but with an
> institutional affiliation, you should be able to get it for free);
> crossover is a windows emulator, but I find setting it up to be
> prohibitively difficult.
> I might also suggest using virtualbox, by sun microsystems. It's just a
> virtual machine again, but it's free and open source, but doesn't quite
> integrate with the host as much as Parallels does - I have had some
> trouble defining shared folders, for instance, so I can't pass files from
> the host to the virtual machine and vice versa. However I can map a
> network drive, so you could potentially configure your mac to share itself
> over the network, and then mount it in the virtual machine as a samba
> drive... (I'm only considering this as an option now - never tried it, but
> it could work - I may give it a go in my spare time today and report
> back).

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