Purpose of recording, was Re: Zoom H4N reduced pricing for those interested

Terry J. Klokeid klokeid at VICTORIA.TC.CA
Thu May 27 07:46:14 UTC 2010

On 2010-05-26, at 12:57 am, Peter Austin wrote:
> It's not just about the technology, ...

Our team members have to record in their living rooms and kitchens, or on their boats or on the beach. They pull out their recorders when a family member remembers a vital word, or wants to tell an old story.  Then they want to play back the recordings for other family and friends. These human factors are far more important for us than the technical ones. The families are dissatisfied with their old cassette recorders and with the complex add-ons if you want to record with iPods. The relatively affordable and available H2 works well for the families.

Our goal is to restore the passing on of language within families. How does technology help?

Terry J. Klokeid
klokeid at uvic.ca

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