SD card to SD card transfer?

Aidan Wilson aidan.wilson at SYDNEY.EDU.AU
Tue Oct 12 02:09:00 UTC 2010

Whoops, don't know what cause that errant 'ncy' there. Probably tapped the 
trackpad with my clumsy thumb during typing.

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On Tue, 12 Oct 2010, Aidan Wilson wrote:

> cnyTaking a laptop just to act as a backup mule is lunacy! This of the extra 
> weight, cables and all the rest of it. The portable backup solution that 
> someone posted a link to earlier is a great solution. We used another version 
> of the same thing about a year or two back at paradisec. It's powered by AA 
> batteries and uses very little power anyway. It has a small LED screen that 
> you use to navigate to the files you want to backup and it just does it. I 
> think the one we used had a couple of slots for SD and CF cards, or you could 
> attach a small SD card reader via USB.
> I can't remember what it was called... I think it had XD in the name.

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