publisher of learner's guides?

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...though they can be kinda slow sometimes tooo...

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Hi Claire,

You could try Batchelor Press -  I'm not sure whether they take outside submissions, but I know that they're just about to publish Marri Ngarr, Magati Ge, Marri Tjevin and Marri Ammu learners guides.



On 18/10/10 11:25 PM, "Claire Bowern" <clairebowern at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to find a publisher for the Yan-nhangu learner's guide 
> (Yan-nhangu's a Yolngu language) and it's turning out of be quite 
> difficult! I want to publish it somewhere local if possible, and I 
> don't want to use a vanity press.
> I've tried IAD press, but they sat on the ms for 18 months and then 
> said they would need a subsidy and couldn't start working on it for 2 
> years. Then I tried CDU Press; they made positive noises, then did 
> nothing for a year, and then decided they couldn't take the ms after 
> all). Aboriginal Studies Press don't have a single language book on 
> their catalogue so I assume that's a no-go.
> Does anyone have suggestions for other publishers to try?
> Thanks!
> Claire

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