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Dear RNLDers,

An online dialogue on Using Citizen Media Tools to Promote
taking place from November 16 to 22 on the New Tactics in Human Rights
web site. Amongst those participating are Eddie Avila of Rising Voices,
Bolivia, Kevin Scannell of Indigenous Tweets, Keola Donaghy of the
University of Hawaii, Hilo, Adrian Cain of the Manx Heritage Foundation,
and Adrian Trost - teacher of the Lajamanu Champions, promoting the
Warlpiri language.

Some very interesting conversations are taking place in the discussion
threads, which include:
Why is a language underrepresented online?
What steps need to be taken before an underrepresented language is used
How do you build an online community committed to using this language
What steps are needed for outreach and encouragement of the next generation?
Leap online to participate.


Dr Margaret Florey
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Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity

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