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Sun Aug 12 21:40:11 UTC 2012

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From: Jonathan Brindle <jonathan.brindle at gmail.com>
Date: 10 August 2012 20:06
Subject: SG0120: technical issue


I would like to get some recommendations from the ELAR team, or anyone
who could help (feel free to forward this email), on how to archive
the work I have done so far. You wrote "You can even invent your own
system as long as you document it and use it consistently."

The issue I have is that I worked with Flex (for lexicon,
interlinearization, translation and comments), and all my segmentation
was done in Praat Textgrid. So I have all the necessary information,
but they aren't linked!  The Praat Textgrid contains dummy markers for
(i.e. A, B, C) representing paragraphs/text blocks in Flex. Do you
know people who manage to merge the two (i.e. annotate their text in
Flex with the Praat time information of the textgrid). I doubt, but if
it is possible. How do they do that?

I know I can use ELAN, but the project developed without the use of
ELAN, for different reasons, one being that doing the
interlinearization work in ELAN doesn't 'feed' the lexicon, which I
like to build in Flex. Do you know someone who could help in a
procedure which could bring an interlinearized Flex .xml file and a
praat textgrid together in ELAN?

But, crucially, do I have to do all this at this point (my project is
over and need to submit to the archive)? I would think that 'Yes', but
I would like to have your opinion on that. I am ready to merge them in
ELAN, but need to know how, but I could also document my "own system"
and bundle a flex .xml file, the .wav  file, and the Praat Textgrid.


Jonathan Brindle <jonathan.brindle at gmail.com>
Project sg0120
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