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Dear all,

Yesterday we released ELAN version 4.5.0, a maintenance release with mainly changes and fixes.

The main new or updated features are:
 - new customization options in Transcription mode; options to switch off automatic creation of annotations and to set the color for tiers
 - improvement of the user interface of the audio and video recognizer tabs, some functional changes based on new features in the recognizer specifications
 - horizontal scrolling in viewers with a timeline using shift + scrollwheel or (on Mac OS) the trackpad (swiping)
 - two viewer tab panes in the top area of the Annotation mode in audio-only situations is now possible
 - sorting of tables by clicking a column header in the Statistics window, the modify Tier and modify Type windows
 - several new preference options

Some of the bug fixes are:
 - the multiple file import of Toolbox files has been fixed
 - a few fixes and new options in the Merge transcription function
 - several fixes in the annotations from overlaps and annotations from subtraction features
 - fixes in the export to HTML and to tab-delimited text
 - fixes in the import of Praat TextGrid files
 - a bug in the Merge tier group function could hang the application, this is now fixed
 - the JMMFPlayer (mp4 on Windows 7 and 8) could hang when start / stop commands were issued in rapid succession
 - a bug in saving hits in the multiple file search has been fixed

Some distribution notes:
 - this is now the last release that includes the player labeled "Native Windows Media Player (WMP)"
 - users of Mac OS 10.8 or Windows 8 can still have problems installing or running ELAN as a result of security settings

A more detailed list can be found at:

The new release can be downloaded at:

Season's Greetings!

Han Sloetjes
-The Language Archive - MPI for Psycholinguistics-

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