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Hi everyone,

Just some notes about transport. If you want to get a lift with Myf (myfturpin at ) from the airport on Friday morning, you need to catch the flights that arrive between 7:00am-7:15am (this accounts for all of the earliest Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin flights out of Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra).

If you want a lift back to the airport, don’t book a flight before 7:00pm on Sunday night. We can get you back to the airport at 6:00pm at the earliest.

This information is on the website:

If you are staying overnight in Brisbane on Thursday night, there may be some room in David Nash’s van (david.nash at or with Myf (depending on airport numbers). Note, though, if you are staying near Roma St station in the recommended hotels or hostels, you would be better off catching the train to Cleveland and getting half an hour more sleep.

Please email Myf or David directly to organise transport, if you require it.

Regards, Felicity
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