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Fri Feb 17 16:28:44 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,
I'm making some short podcasts on language documentation (how to start,
what to think about, what works, what doesn't, what if you want to record
your relatives and don't have access to huge amounts of funding, etc). They
will be freely available and aimed at non-linguists (basically, they are
written for the people who email me from time to time asking things like
'my granny speaks my language but I don't, what's the best way to work with
I'd like to include some photos to liven up the slides. I don't want to use
just my field photos, though, since remote Australia isn't exactly typical
of fieldwork as a whole! Do you have any photos you'd be able to share with
me, of community documentation projects, master-apprentice programs, school
programs, etc? Please send them to me at clairebowern at, along with
the acknowledgement you'd like (e.g. names of speakers, name of the
photographer, place, any other details). People on this list are doing such
wonderful things with language, it's inspiring to others who are thinking
about their own projects.
Thanks for your help with this!

(Claire Bowern, Yale linguistics)
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