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Hi everyone, 
I'm the regional director for the Australian part of 'ElCat', a new catalogue of endangered languages that will be launched fairly soon. Once the site is launched, there will be opportunity for general feedback, suggestions for links, etc. For now, if you have links to sites about language programs, or if you'd like to include something about your language and what it means to you, please send it to me (or reply to the list) and I'll make sure it's included. Photos, videos, links to you-tube channels, etc, are all fine too. We are anticipating quite a bit of publicity for the launch (in late February) so I would like to make sure that the Australian part of the site showcases the range of great activities that are going on!
Also, I should mention that I'm pushing the catalogue people not to use terms like "extinct" and "moribund", and I'm not using them anywhere where I have control over the text. If there's a term you prefer for your language, please let me know. 
Finally, I'm currently including all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages in the catalogue, whether or not there are currently speakers, and whether or not they are "endangered" in the technical sense, since they are all under threat and since government policies aren't exactly language-friendly at the moment. If you prefer that your language isn't included, please let me know. Also, if you want to check what the catalogue says about your language before it's launched, send me an email and I can send you the entry.
Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.
All the best,

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