[RNLD] Finding and Understanding Historical Sources in Australia and the Pacific: a workshop for Anthropologists, Historians and Linguists

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Finding and Understanding Historical Sources in Australia and the Pacific:
a workshop for Anthropologists, Historians and Linguists

28th - 30th January 2014, ANU, Canberra

As anthropologists, historians and linguists are aware, historical
documents, or unpublished sources, can contain important information on
aspects of Pacific Islander and Australian Aboriginal cultures. Over three
days, this workshop will explore the historical archives and the research
techniques required to identify and interpret material relevant to kinship,
land, social organisation and language.  Beginning with an introduction on
archives; their formation, their organisation, what is in them and what
isn’t, the workshop will include a master class at St Mark’s National
Memorial Library (Canberra), the repository of much of Lorimer Fison’s
collection of kinship data.  The target audience will be anthropologists,
linguists and historians—be they students, practitioners or academic
staff—and may be of interest to those working in Heritage and Native Title.
Registration is not necessary but if you are interested in attending,
please contact Piers Kelly (Piers.Kelly at anu.edu.au).

The draft program is included below:

Tuesday 28 January 2014:

9.30am-11am: Helen Gardner introductory seminar ‘Hunting Fison: finding
archival material relevant to the writing of *Kamilaroi and Kurnai*’

Using Lorimer Fison’s complex archive of manuscript material as an example,
Helen Gardner will present on searching for, handling and interpreting the
Fison archive. Her presentation will include the following:


   Where the Fison manuscript material is held and why it is spread over
   such a wide number of institutions.

   The differences in cataloguing and accessing the material according to
   the institution.

   The mediums in which the Fison archival material is held: eg microfilm,
   online, hard-copy.

   Handling and reading issues: including problems with handwriting,
   sifting through uncatalogued material, dealing with microfilm.

   Interpreting missionary material.

1-4pm: Visit to St Mark’s National Memorial Library

Wednesday 29 January and Thursday 30 January:

Presenters will include Jeanie Bell (Batchelor Institute), Bruce Birch
(Iwaidja Inyman), Tony Jefferies (ANU) and James Rose (NTSCORP) who will
convene informal workshops on using oral history, genealogy and historical
documents for the reconstruction of family, social organisation, land and
language groups. Archival and historical documents will be used for
discussion and analysis by the group.

If there are others who wish to make a presentation of 30-45 minutes,
please contact patrick.mcconvell at anu.edu.au and piers.kelly at anu.edu.au with
a title and short abstract (100-200 words) by 20th December 2013. A more
detailed program will be circulated in late December.


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