[RNLD] Links between publication and sound corpus

Mat Bettinson mat at PLOTHATCHING.COM
Fri Mar 8 02:59:34 UTC 2013

On 8 March 2013 13:25, Doug Cooper <doug.cooper.thailand at gmail.com> wrote:

Yes, this states the server solution exactly.  This does not pose any
> technical barrier (it's just a matter of providing a wrapper for
> something like sox or mp3splt).

I recently knocked up something that did exactly what John described. I
implemented it as a Python CGI script running on a web server. You pass a
filename and the start/end time periods and it uses the Python Wave library
to simply generate a new wave file and then sends that to the web browser
as Content-Type: audio/wav.

As you say if you're working on mp3 data it would need to be more
sophisticated, piping to mp3splt etc.


Mat Bettinson
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