[RNLD] Fwd: How to make any book you own, into a talking book. Special Offer finishes end of March. (esl)

Daryn McKenny daryn at ACRA.ORG.AU
Tue Mar 19 00:33:20 UTC 2013

Agree Aidan,

It seems it has at least now happened with the new subject title/post from Colleen.

We have been familiar with and using the PrintingAsia product aptly named Jackal (after two people, Jack and Alex) for quite a few years now. We have two books ourself and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation has supported other languages as well through Binibar Projects, of course VACL I think were the first to have an actual publication produced. Not sure if the Mirima mob are using this one or something different, KJ it does not mention on that link at all with any clues of what you are using your way.

I would not suggest using these Reader devices for actual archival purposes as stated in the other thread "links between publication and sound corpus", only for dissemination of that material in other ways like the reader and children's books or text books.



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Subject: RE: [RNLD] Fwd: How to make any book you own, into a talking book. Special Offer finishes end of March. (esl)
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This is great stuff, but it seems to me to be a completely different type of
thing from the original thread about pointing example sentences to archival
versions of recordings and playing back segments based on their timecode.

Perhaps we need two different threads here.

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On Tue, 19 Mar 2013, Dr Christina Eira - VACL wrote:

vacl has been doing this for a while(with a different company) (1) as a demo or post-print, with the stickers, and (2) set
up pre printing, so that the coded strips appear invisibly in the book or whatever (no extra printing costs). pretty good,
limited only by the quality of recording and speaker in the little tool. you can also bring in the recording from
elsewhere, which helps the first bit of that (not sure if the comapny advertised below gives you that option). The amount
of storage is very large, so you can record quite a lot.

Dr Christina Eira
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From: Colleen Hattersley [mailto:colhatts at gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 19 March 2013 9:57 AM
To: rnlist
Subject: [RNLD] Fwd: How to make any book you own, into a talking book. Special Offer finishes end of March. (esl)

This notice just came through from the Language Centre in Perth. Perhaps a chance to try the technology.  For information.
Colleen Hattersley
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From: The Language Centre <language at iinet.net.au<mailto:language at iinet.net.au>>
Date: Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 5:51 PM
Subject: How to make any book you own, into a talking book. Special Offer finishes end of March. (esl)
To: The Language Centre <language at iinet.net.au<mailto:language at iinet.net.au>>

** If you found this e-letter valuable, please e-mail it to a colleague **

Anybook Reader
[IMAGE]Suitable for any age , any language or any activity!

Do you have language books in your classroom or library collecting dust which your students should be reading  but, as
they can’t hear the pronunciation of the words, they don’t know how to say them? Then this device is for you!

Suitable for first or second language acquisition for any age student, the Anybook Reader is an amazing new device that
allows you to read to a student without your even being there! Shaped like a fat pen or pencil which houses a recording
device with mini speaker playback capabilities, it runs on 2 AAA batteries and records up to 15 hours of audio - enough
for a favourite book, enough for 50 books!

Is it easy to use? VERY!

Here are the basics:

Step 1:  The first step includes picking a book and placing one of the included AnyBook stickers on each of the pages.
Each sticker uses a unique code which allows you to associate different recordings with every page of your book.  Don't
worry, these stickers use special glue that won’t damage your book so you can remove the stickers at any time. You cannot
record on the pre-recorded stickers  but the blank stickers may be erased and re-recorded so that you can continue to
update and use them.
Step 2:  You then activate the sticker by touching it with the AnyBook reader device.
Step 3:  Next, you enter record mode and record that page.
Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for the remainder of the book.
Step 4:  Done!  Allow your students to use the AnyBook Reader to hear the recorded book.
The Anybook Reader can be applied very easily to the other areas of the classroom. Students can progress independently
with aural exercises without following the rest of the class, or indeed groups of students can work together using the
device. The Anybook Reader encourages independent learning that a teacher can oversee by preparing the audio content in
advance. The advantages for a student’s language & pronunciation skills after using this device are endless. What about
talking dioramas?

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Eap7FIe63jU/TP46heDDOOI/AAAAAAAAGOk/61CER7O7Lyo/s1600/DAS-200B.detail.a.jpg Each Any book reader
already comes with 200 stickers - some have pre-recorded sound effects such as sirens, telephones ringing etc but if that
is too childish in your situation don’t use those! The beauty of this device is that it is suitable for anyone!! - but
additional packs of stickers are also available separately so that you can use the Anybook Reader again and again.

Need some suggestions?

In the classroom:

·         One of our ESL teacher customers has bought one for each year level and intends to send the Reader home with the
students to encourage them to ‘read’ at home. His thoughts are that not only the students but also their ESL parents could
benefit  from this activity.
·         Why limit yourself to books? The Anybook reader can just as easily be used with posters, with reading cards,
with anything!! Record the question, and then have another sticker to record the answer? Makes all work  self-correcting,
and time saving as well!
·         If you like, you could have several readings of the same story at several speeds or in different languages, all
recorded easily and economically.
·         This is a great tool for speech therapy and to use with a student with learning and/or language delays.
·         Because students with language issues often have a component of auditory comprehension problems, books are a
good way to teach language because they offer visual reinforcement as well as auditory input. The AnyBook reader allows
you to modify a book to pare down the language or focus on a concept and then gives the student the independence to "read"
that book on their own. This can be very motivating for a student who is working on their language comprehension skills.
In the home:
·         Use it at home. If you are a mother of more than one, it makes it possible for ‘Mummy’ to be reading two
different stories at once (you and the pen!)  It also makes it possible for a Daddy gone on a business trip to still be
involved with story time too.  When children's grandparents travel  they can each record stories for bedtime as well.
What fun!
·         Or what about using this reader with children who share their time between two different parents at two
different homes or for a child who's parent is in the military?
·         And why not use the device for your scrapbooks, baby books, yearbooks, & photo albums.  Record your memories to
go along with the different photos and mementos. How good it that!

If this information tempts you to get your own reader,
then don’t hesitate.
If you order now, you will get the pen plus the 200 stickers included in the pack,
plus 600 free stickers as a special offer.

15 hour Unit $75.00. 600 Replacement Stickers usually $29.95, free with each pen ordered until sold until end of March.
Postage extra.

Nominated for the Telstra 2010 and 2012 Business Awards
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