[RNLD] Import .wav into .mp4?

Mark W. Post markwpost at GMAIL.COM
Tue Mar 19 16:19:23 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Further to this thread, it turns out that it's very easy to import a 
.wav into an .mp4 container in Win7 for free via "Windows (Live) Movie 
Maker", a program which I must have at one point have seen on Windows 
systems, but just assumed was crapware and never bothered opening:

All you need to do is (1) open an .mp4, (2) turn down the volume on the 
"video" tab, (3) import "music" (i.e., a .wav file), (4) fiddle with the 
"start time" and "start point" (confusingly not the same thing) on the 
"music" track until the streams are in sync, (5) export "for 
high-definition display", and presto! You have a merged .mp4 file.

The results *seem* ok, which is to say that the resulting .mp4 looks and 
sounds as good as the originals, so far as I can judge. But I'm just 
wondering whether there are any potential problems with this method that 
anybody knows about, and might not be obvious at first glance. One 
potential problem is that syncing isn't incredibly precise, but I'm 
thinking more in terms of the data streams themselves, and whether they 
might be subject to any sort of compression that I'm not aware of or 


PS Thanks to Steffen Haurholm-Larsen for pointing to this solution!

On 13/03/2013 23:13, Tom Honeyman wrote:
> ffmpegx gui windows

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