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Hi Margaret
The Zoom H-1 is not especially flimsy and I've had a bunch of them being
used in Indonesia for a while now with no breakages. That said, build
quality is not great, and the battery door moves around and creates a lot
of handling noise if it is handheld. I tend to use them with an external
lavalier mic if only recording one speaker. The internal mics are *very*
susceptible to wind noise if not covered but produce an adequate stereo
recording if the unit is placed properly. They are quite easy to use.

The Olympus (and other voice recorders) would probably feel less cheap and
'plastic-y' -- but doesn't seem to allow for an external mic (which is an
issue for me but maybe isn't for you). It records PCM WAV files but 'only'
at CD-quality (44.1kHz) whereas the H-1 has more options. My guess is the
Olympus is more suited to being  handheld, but I don't have experience

Swings and roundabouts!

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 11:22 AM, Margaret Carew <
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> Hi
> I'm looking to buy a number of audio recorders for a project, working to a
> similar concept to BOLD:PNG
> http://www.boldpng.info/
> The idea being that the recorders are provided to a few key people who
> then record independently, and recordings are fed back into the central
> project for curation (by me working with the team).
> Budget is limited, and the cheaper the unit, the more we can buy. so I'm
> looking at either Olympus WS-812 or the Zoom H-1, both priced under AUD$150.
> Does anyone have any thoughts? I'm concerned the zoom unit might be flimsy.
> Thanks
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