[RNLD] Temporary phone number for MDWg

KJ Olawsky info at MIRIMA.ORG.AU
Tue May 28 00:45:48 UTC 2013

Dear all


Due to unforeseen circumstances Mirima Language Centre has been without
phone and internet connection for last 11 days.


Our communication is now restored but we are still to retrieve our old phone


For the time being please call (08) 9168 2924 to reach us over the phone.


Unfortunately we are without a fax line at the moment.


All e-mail addresses function normally.



Thanks for your understanding and kind regards,


KJ Olawsky



P.S. I sent this message as a blind copy to everybody in my address book.
Apologies for any cross-postings.




Dr. Knut J. Olawsky

Senior Linguist/Manager

Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre

P.O. Box 2420

Kununurra, WA 6743

[Phone: (08) 9169 1029] --> PLEASE USE 9168 2924

E-mail: info at mirima.org.au



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