[RNLD] importing/exporting between ELAN and FLEX

Jonathon Lum lum.jonathon at GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 11 02:03:09 UTC 2013

Hi all,

The latest versions of ELAN and FLEX are supposed to support importing and
exporting between the two. In theory at least this should speed up the
glossing process if it is possible to export a basic transcription with
morpheme breakdown from ELAN to FLEX, then gloss it in FLEX using the
automatic parser (and perhaps also add a free translation tier), before
exporting back to ELAN for the final product, where one can view/listen to
the original video/audio file with all the tiers. This would mean you don't
have to gloss every single morpheme manually in ELAN, since the parser in
FLEX is doing much of the work instead.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of workflow? Unfortunately I
am quite new to both ELAN and FLEX, and most people seem unfamiliar with
using the two programs together. There is a brief description in the
manuals about how to import and export files, but unfortunately the windows
I get look different to the screenshots in the manual. The problem might
have something to do with the ELAN tiers template I am using, or maybe
there's something else I'm missing here in terms of settings. I'm also
curious as to whether a different program like ANVIL might be better for
what I have in mind.

I look forward to hearing any suggestions.

Thanks and regards,

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