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Fri Jul 4 14:40:31 UTC 2014

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From: Han Sloetjes <han.sloetjes at mpi.nl>
Date: 5 July 2014 00:12
Subject: Release of ELAN 4.7.2
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Dear all,

ELAN 4.7.2 fixes a few problems that are present in 4.7.1 and/or 4.7.0

The fixes are:
- in the Multiple Files Editor, in case of adding dependent tiers, the list
of available linguistic types wasn’t always updated correctly
- when closing a file in Transcription mode the text of the last edited
cell wasn't saved anymore
- the Signal Viewer in the Segmentation mode now also has the drop down
menu for selecting the .wav to display.
- some improvements in the painting and resizing behaviour in (especially)
the Segmentation mode

A setting for redraw behaviour can impact performance considerably. It
seems that the best “Painting strategy” settings in Edit Preferences->User
Interface are as follows:
- on Mac OS: Paint to buffer first
- on Windows: Paint directly to the screen

The release can be downloaded here:

Best wishes,

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