[RNLD] minidisc problems

Bill Poser billposer2 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 24 23:23:15 UTC 2014

I am transferring the audio from a bunch of Sony minidiscs recorded 15
years ago. Some of them will not play in the minidisc deck I am using
(Denon DMD-1000). The deck tries for a while to read the table of contents,
then announces that the table of contents is unreadable.

I am wondering whether anyone has experience with this and knows whether
these discs may nonetheless be readable. In particular:

   1. my impression is that such errors normally result from a damaged
   minidsic, but I wonder if it is possible for them to result from a fussy
   deck? My deck appears to be in good condition but is and bought used
   2. if the problem is indeed due to damage to the minidisc, is it
   possible to reconstruct the table of contents and so render the discs

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