[RNLD] pitch metpahor

Alexander König Alexander.Koenig at MPI.NL
Fri Jun 6 07:30:47 UTC 2014

On 06/06/14 05:53, Christina Eira wrote:
> has anyone written/come across a good description of the metaphors by
> which many languages characterise pitch as on a 'high-low' continuum?
> (or if you can write 2 sentences or dot points that cover it that's good
> too!)
> i know there are also languages which use a different continuum, such as
> thick-thin, but i'm after a convincing (preferably non-technical)
> explanation of the derivation of high-low

I know that someone at our institute has written a PhD thesis recently
on that


If you want to contact her, she is working in Cologne now.



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