[RNLD] Expressions of interest for Island placenaming journal issue/journal section

Joshua Nash joshua.nash at adelaide.edu.au
Wed Aug 12 23:59:28 UTC 2015

Dear RNLDers,

Please find a call for papers/expressions of interest below I sent out to the island studies list server yesterday. It would be great to involve some scholars working on Australian, Pacific, and 'other-worldy' island languages and toponymies.

I welcome any suggested papers.

Joshua Nash

(islands list email to follow)

Dear SICRI list and island studies scholars,

As some of the island studies scholars would be aware, for some time I have been pushing my own views in published work about the possibility of there being something unique or different with the placenames of and on islands. I believe the jury is still out as to whether there can be anything which can be labelled as quintessentially an 'island toponymy' (toponymy means placenaming).

I have been in contact with several journal editors about the possibility of a special issue (or at least an edited section of a journal issue (any journal, not necessarily an island studies journal) about islands and toponymy, and possible links involving islands, language, and toponyms more generally.

I intend to write the intro and outro (a summation of the methodological and theoretical implications from the papers) and would hope to receive at least six or seven papers from island studies people and others working on island languages and cultures, specifically those who have collected toponyms in their work.

I already have a preliminary list whom I am hopeful will cooperate with a submission, but I would like know whether there are any others on this list who wish to express their interest in writing a 5000-6000 word paper and possibly being involved in teasing out some of the critical issues relating to insularity, language, and island places to be addressed in this island toponymy special issue.

I set 25 August 2015 as a deadline to receive submissions/expressions of interest, after which, if there is significant interest, I will formulate a clearer brief for the project and an action plan.

I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Joshua Nash
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