[RNLD] Two learner's guides

Claire Bowern clairebowern at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 14:47:31 UTC 2015

Dear list members,
I have published two learner's guides through leanpub.com. The
Yan-nhaŋu learner's guide is the only published description of the
language. It's a Yolŋu language from East Arnhem Land.
Both guides are available from  http://www.pamanyungan.net/?page_id=178
They have a suggested price of US$14.99. Proceeds from the sale
benefits the Endangered Language Fund (who funded some of my work on
Bardi). (http://www.pamanyungan.net/?p=165 has some further
information about the guides and leanpub).
As an aside, I would definitely recommend leanpub as a publication
platform; it was really easy to upload the files and get started.
Best wishes,

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