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Hi Steven,
The Welsh have done quite a bit of work on language apps. Here is one of
them: http://www.cwrsmynediad.com/
Rozenn Milin

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 Dear RNLD list,

 I have relatively recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy III phone, mainly so
that I can discuss with community members the kinds of on-line APPs that we
might be able to use for language development.

 I'm wondering if people have ideas of APPs that I should get, free ones,
to show people what can be done. I have already downloaded MA IWAIDJA so
that will give people a chance to see how a mobile phone dictionary could
work. I'm not very mobile phone savvy, so I haven't searched for other
things yet and wondered whether people have got suggestions of things that
might be appealing to the language communities (in this case on the
India-Myanmar border).



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