[RNLD] Methodology survey for teachers of endangered languages

Hugh Paterson hugh_paterson at sil.org
Fri Jun 17 14:55:06 EDT 2016

David and Dr. Fang,

This is a brilliant survey. I am really glad there are people looking at
these sorts of details regarding language instruction.

I have two comments about the content of the survey:

1. Is there a google doc or some such documentation where the terms in
question #14 are defined. Perhaps a single paragraph for each "method" to
highlight the salient points of the methodology and perhaps a citation of
materials further explaining the method?
2. Is it within the scope of your investigation to look at methodologies of
teaching reading in the language? or is that too specific at this time? I
see the teaching of reading mentioned as a skill in question #13, but in
question #14 I don't see anything specific which would target theoretical
framework kinds of issues, i.e. (top-down / Bottom-up methodologies). In my
particular case am interested to know what sort of methodologies are used
for the teaching of reading to both new readers (those who have never
previous learned to read, and are learning a lesser taught language), and
to established readers (for instance learning to read a heritage language).
I have looked in the literature (specifically relating to how tone marking
is taught) for examples of how reading is taught (including how the chalk
or white board is used), but I have not found anything worth mentioning or
particularly illuminating.

All the best,
- Hugh Paterson

On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 6:15 AM, David Nathan <dn2 at soas.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear colleagues
> Many thanks to those who tried to fill in the survey early and especially
> to Rob Amery who let me know of a couple of glitches (one caused by oddness
> of SurveyGizmo, one by my carelessness). It should be all good to go now.
> best wishes
> David
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