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*Announcement: Melbourne Linguistics in the Pub - Tuesday 8th November 2016*

*Including children in language documentation and revitalization*
Language documentation and revitalization projects often focus on adult
speakers of a language (Chelliah & de Reuse 2010: 169-170). While it is
important to work with adults, it is also important to include the broadest
range of speakers as possible, including children. Working with younger
speakers can give novel insights into a language, encourage greater
community participation, and increase interest in language transmission
across generations. Documentation with younger populations also creates a
record of child language use, and child-directed speech, which are
important for developing pedagogical materials and any future
revitalization work. In an Australian context there has been a burgeoning
interest in child language documentation in recent years. At this LIPS
meeting we’ll discuss why it is important to work with children in both
language documentation and revitalization projects. I will guide
participants in practical techniques and tools for applying for ethics
approval and in the development of their own suite of resources for
eliciting and recording children’s language use.

There is no reading for this meeting but I’d be interested in having
participants write down:
(1) all the obstacles they see to working on child language documentation
(2) the benefits for doing so in their language
(3) more global benefits

Date:      Tuesday 8th November, 2016

Time:       6:00 - 8:00 pm
Venue:     Function room (upstairs)

              *University hotel*

*Address: *272 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

*Phone:   *(03) 9347 7299


 (menu available online)

LIP is an occasional gathering of language activists and linguists in
Melbourne and is coordinated by the MLIP committee: Ruth Singer, Stefan
Schnell (Melbourne Uni) and Harriet Sheppard, Jonathan Schlossberg, Alan
Ray, Jonathon Lum (Monash Uni)

Contact Ruth Singer (University of Melbourne) with any questions:
*rsinger at unimelb.edu.au
<rsinger at unimelb.edu.au>*
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Jonathan Schlossberg
PhD Candidate
ELDTA Linguistics Research Program
University of Newcastle
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