[RNLD] Australian languages: request for your help

Nick Thieberger thien at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Feb 19 15:11:55 EST 2017

Dear RNLD list members who speak, or work with speakers of, an Australian

We are working with the Science Gallery at the University of Melbourne on
an exhibition they are preparing themed around 'blood'. They will have
various exhibits about the scientific nature of blood, and we have arranged
to include a map of Australian languages displaying as many words for
'blood' as we can arrange in the short time frame (by May). Some will also
have audio of the spoken word.

We are writing to ask if you would be able to supply an mp3 file of someone
saying the word for 'blood' in an Australian language. This would be used
in a publicly accessible display. Each speaker will be acknowledged in the
documentation for the site. If you can do this as soon as possible (but
before the end of April) can you please also include the language name and
the speaker's name (if they are happy to have it made public) and email it
to one of us.


Nick Thieberger and Rachel Nordlinger

Research Unit for Indigenous Language
School of Languages and Linguistics
University of Melbourne

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