[RNLD] List or review of language apps

David Nash david.nash at anu.edu.au
Tue Feb 21 04:52:52 EST 2017

There are 5 listed in http://www.rnld.org/languageapps and some more 
among the 19 items in http://www.dnathan.com/VL/index.php?category=36


On 21/2/17 13:07, Samantha Disbray wrote:
> Hi there
> Has anyone compiled a list or review of language apps in use for 
> Australian languages?
> All responses appreciated and will be passed on to a Central 
> Australian group keen to get an overview of what’s out there and 
> effective for languages teaching and learning – for ages 3-adult.
> Thanks
> Samantha Disbray

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