[RNLD] counting dictionaries for Australian languages?

Maia Ponsonnet maia.ponsonnet at sydney.edu.au
Wed May 3 02:19:23 EDT 2017

Good afternoon,

As I am preparing a lecture on semantics/lexical semantics for the Australia's Indigenous Languages that I am teaching at the University of Sydney this year, I came to wonder if anyone had ever counted how many Australian languages have a "published dictionary"?

By "published" I mean a resource that is available to be purchased or consulted from libraries, accessible from a website etc.

By "dictionary" I mean an extensive collection of "words + definition" - not just "words + translations" -, and probably anything over 200 entries? (as a rule of thumb).

By "language" I imply "not dialects".

Is there a list somewhere of "Australian languages that have a dictionary"?

What about other regions in the world?

Many thanks for your answers, cheers,


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