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Welcome to 'CALLout' the Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics' (CALL) new email newsletter.

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The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL) is a language centre based in the Division of Higher Education and Research at Batchelor Institute.

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The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL) and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present Ayeye Thipe-akerte: Arrernte Stories About Birds by Eastern Arrernte artist and writer Therese Ryder. This project combines Therese’s exquisite watercolour paintings of birds from Central Australia with their Arrernte names and short stories about their appearance, habits and cultural meanings. The book has been published with a companion app, which allows readers to hear the sounds of the birds, their Arrernte names and the Arrernte stories.

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Warlpiri women’s songs from Yuendumu

During 2016, Warlpiri women held three yawulyu revitalisation workshops in Yuendumu. Many generations of Warlpiri women attended, singing various yawulyu, painting the associated body designs, performing the dances and telling the associated stories.

During these workshops a book has been compiled titled Yurntumu-wardingki juju-ngaliya-kurlangu yawulyu: Warlpiri women’s songs from Yuendumu which will be published soon by Batchelor Institute Press.

READ MORE (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/oDLrBgcnEWAJH9?domain=cta-image-cms2.hubspot.com)


Kam Chinese & Indigenous Central Australian Women Bring Songs of Home to Sydney

For both groups, singing inspires feelings of home – longing and belonging. In this unique cultural exchange these two groups gave joint performances of their traditional songs, bringing to life their translations and imagery for a world-first concert.

READ MORE (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/AG1dBvTzdE9rHN?domain=cta-image-cms2.hubspot.com)


Arrpenhe-nthenhe Indigenous language film program

We ran the inaugural Arrpenhe-nthenhe Indigenous Languages film program as part of the Something Somewhere Film Festival (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/38LEBkS9AR5NHg?domain=somethingsomewhere.com.au) in Alice Springs on Saturday 20 April. This was a resounding success and shows that our community has a great appetite for films that present the voices and perspectives of Indigenous people, in their languages. Please follow the link below for descriptions of the films that were programmed into the main session on Saturday afternoon

READ MORE (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/q0YmBAtJRwxVFm?domain=cta-image-cms2.hubspot.com)


CALL Associates and Volunteers

CALL have recently launched a new Associates and Volunteers program. We invite you to become an associate of CALL or to volunteer with us. Please contact us for more information.

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