[RNLD] CLAN "Save last clip as" in Windows 10

Amanda Hamilton-Hollaway amanda.hamilton2 at uq.net.au
Mon May 14 03:31:31 EDT 2018

Dear all,

Hello!  I am writing with a question for those of you who transcribe using the CLAN program on a PC running Windows 10.  As some of you may have noticed, the "Save last clip as..." function no longer works.  (I have the latest version of CLAN, V 12-May-2018 11:00, though this function has been disabled at least since this past January, if not since before that.)  I contacted the CLAN developers themselves about this, and they say that this feature has been disabled "since Apple no longer supports QuickTime on Windows 10," and that they have no intention of re-enabling it.  They suggest a work-around, wherein I start Praat, then select "Mode->Send to sound analyzer" in CLAN, and then save the clip via Praat.

I'm writing to ask if anyone else has discovered any other (ideally, quicker) solution for this.  I really liked the "Save last clip as..." function, particularly because it automatically named the clip with the full file name followed by the timecode, which was very handy and which I will miss sorely!

Many thanks,

PhD candidate
Linguistics  |  School of Languages and Cultures
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