[RNLD] Reminder - Position Vacant at Ngukurr Language Centre

Jackie van den Bos contact at ngukurrlc.org.au
Wed May 23 20:43:57 EDT 2018

Hello all,

Just a reminder that we are still taking applications for the position of Coordinator here at Ngukurr Language Centre. Application close on Monday 28th COB.

I have attached the application pack for your information. If you are interested but need more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Position Vacant: Coordinator of Ngukurr Language Centre

Mela lukumbat nyuwan Kodineida bla Ngukurr Language Centre

Ngukurr Language Centre is recruiting for the position of Coordinator. After developing our organisation into its current healthy state with vibrant programs and a strong community presence, our coordinator Jackie van den Bos is ready to hand over the role to a new coordinator who can oversee the continued development of our community language programs in line with our strategic plan. 

For an Application Pack or to find out more, please contact Jackie van den Bos at contact at ngukurrlc.org.au <mailto:contact at ngukurrlc.org.au> or on (08) 8977 4225.
Applications close: Monday 28th May 2018. All applications welcome. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people strongly encouraged to apply.
Please share this ad!


Ngukurr Langgus Senta lukumbat nyuwan Kodineida bla wekwek garra mela. Jackie van den Bos bin ya ba kapula yiya en imin leigi dat job, bat im wandi hendimouba langa naja sambidi na. Im gurrwan job dijana ya, yu gin len langgus, en yu garra wekwek garra bigmob gurrwan pipurl. 

If yu leigi trai gaji dis job, o yu sabi sambidi maitbi im leigi, jendi imeil o kol la Jackie van den Bos langa contact at ngukurrlc.org.au <mailto:Darwin at mob.com.au> o langa (08) 8977 4225. 
Yu garra jendi det eplikeishin bifo Mandei, 28 Mei, 2018. Blakbala ma, if yu leigi dum dis job, mela welkam yu. Yu jendim mela yu eplikeishin.
Plis yuma sherim dijana ya!

Jackie van den Bos

Ngukurr Language Centre Aboriginal Corporation (ICN: 7515)
Lot 398 Ngukurr NT / CMB 6, Ngukurr NT 0852
Ph: 08 8977 4225
Skype: ngukurrlc
Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/Ngukurr-Language-Centre-170332173098441/?hc_ref=ART64mGdUIqtxd6YdlL8x25mJCUSWuRAc-4bdoiIe3L6mwjp721sUYwPVVapexDDpGM&fref=nf> | Twitter <https://twitter.com/NgukurrLC> | YouTube <https://www.youtube.com/user/NgukurrLC>
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