[RNLD] Melbourne LIP 14th November 2018: Co-authoring and co-presenting research by linguists and community members: reflections on collaborations

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Announcement: Melbourne Linguistics in the Pub Wednesday 14th November 2018

*This will be the last Melbourne LIP for the year, and hopefully the last
one at Longplay bar too!*

*Co-authoring and co-presenting research by linguists and community
members: reflections on collaborations*
A discussion led by
Research partnerships between linguists and communities can include all
kinds of collaborations. From collecting data together, training community
member in linguistic methods and collaborative workshops to exchange visits
by community members to the linguist's university. Ideally, the input of
community members to collaborative research will also be reflected through
co-authorship publications. While having community members or the entire
community as an author of publications such as dictionaries is
straightforward, co-authorship of research articles can be more
challenging. Authorship raises many issues and simply adding a community
member's name to a publication can be tokenistic, if the writing itself
reveals a lack of close collaboration in the development of the ideas
presented. Theoretically, writing from a community member's perspective
could involve co-opting their voice, if the collaboration goes wrong. In
this session linguists who have some experience in co-authoring or
co-presenting their collaborative research with communities will reflect on
the development of those talks and writings, what kinds of processes worked
and what didn't.

Discussion led by: Rebecca Defina and Rosey Billington (University of

*Date:*       Wednesday 14th November 2018
*Time: *      6:00 - 8:00 pm
*Venue: *    Sun Ra Room
                Longplay Bar  NOTE NEW VENUE
*Address:*  318 St Georges Road North Fitzroy 3068

LIP is an occasional gathering of language activists and linguists in
Melbourne and is coordinated by the MLIP committee: Ruth Singer, Rosey
Billington, Jill Vaughan (Melbourne Uni), Lauren Gawne, Mijke Mulder
(LaTrobe Uni), Jonathan Schlossberg (Monash Uni) and Andrew Tanner (RNLD).
Dr Ruth Singer
Research Fellow, Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity Project

College of Asia and the Pacific

The Australian National University


Wellsprings project:
Research Unit for Indigenous Language (RUIL):
ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL):
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