[RNLD] Call for participation: Language, Emotions and Wellbeing

Steven Bird steven.bird at cdu.edu.au
Tue May 7 23:49:13 EDT 2019

[Please circulate]

Does your language work connect with emotions and wellbeing? Is this something you think about and talk about?

We are planning a workshop on this topic later in the year, in conjunction with Puliima (see below).

One of the purposes of this workshop is to share ideas and skills about what is being done around this theme. If you have experience in this domain, we would like to hear from you to find out about your ideas, projects and activities, regardless of whether you can attend the workshop.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Maïa Ponsonnet and Steven Bird
maia.ponsonnet at uwa.edu.au<mailto:maia.ponsonnet at uwa.edu.au>, steven.bird at cdu.edu.au<mailto:steven.bird at cdu.edu.au>


WORKSHOP: Putting Emotions and Wellbeing into our own Words
In conjunction with the PULiiMA Indigenous Languages and Technology Conference
Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin, Australia, 19-22 August 2019

How do we collect emotional expressions, use them correctly, and ensure that new generations access the deeper layers of meaning they encapsulate? This workshop will bring together linguists and language workers from around the country to share practical methods for working with the language of emotions.

Presentations - Monday 19 August (morning)
Methods - Monday 19 August (morning)
Discussion and Action - Tuesday 20 August (afternoon)


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