extended relation set

Renate Henschel rhenschel at UNI-BREMEN.DE
Fri Oct 26 07:31:14 UTC 2001

In Mick O'Donnell's RST tool, there are two different sets of
possible RST relations differentiated:
- the classic MT (Mann and Thompson) relation set
- the extended MT relation set

I suppose that the classic set is identical to the set of relations
defined in Mann and Thompson 88. Now I am looking for a citeable
source for the "extended relation set". I hoped to find that set
at the RST homepage, but I could'nt find it there.
Which paper does define the extended relation set? If this paper
is not available on the net, I would appreciate if the extended
set could be made public at the RST home page.

Renate Henschel

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