Application to Biblical texts

William Mann bill_mann at SIL.ORG
Fri Jan 17 20:47:53 UTC 2003


I know that even before the publication of the 1988 paper there were people
in Wycliffe Bible Translators who were encouraging use of RST by Bible
translators.  They seemed particularly interested because RST is an
alternative way to examine text, and so it yields distinctive results from
close examination of texts.  Also, it helps in identification of implicitly
communicated propositions.

Of course, translation is not exegesis, but it includes exegesis as a step.

I don't know of any other uses of RST for Biblical exegesis.

Bill Mann

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Subject: [RST-LIST] Application to Biblical texts

Hello all,

does anybody know if RST has been applied
to Biblical exegesis?
Any link to research publications would greatly
be appreciated.

Many thanks!


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