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Notice that this journal has a specific submission track for RST.

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Calidoscópio - Call for papers

Calidoscópio is a peer-reviewed journal linked to Unisinos Graduate
Program in Applied Linguistics. It was launched in 2003 with the aim of
publishing a wide range of papers within the field of applied linguistics.
Both the journal and the graduate program embrace the perspective that it
is possible to produce new interpretations and different proposals about
language use resulting from various combinations of theoretical and
methodological options, much like a kaleidoscope.

Since 2009 Calidoscópio has been included in the Arts & Humanities
Citation Index (Web of Science) and the Social Sciences Citation Index
(Web of Science).

The journal is published quarterly. Each issue covers materials related to
one of the research lines of the Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics,
as described below.

The first issue of 2010 is dedicated to the research addressing “Language
and School Practices”. The deadline for submission of articles is January
30th 2010.

The second issue of 2010, is dedicated to the research on “Interaction and
Discursive Practices”.  We encourage the academic community to submit
articles by May 5th 2010.

The third issue of 2010 will be dedicated to research on “Text, Lexis, and
Technology”, and the articles must be submitted by July 31st 2010.
Particularly in this line, we also welcome contributions and studies on
Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) from Linguistics and Computer Science
perspectives, including researches on (but not limited to) text analysis,
text generation, corpus investigations, text prototypes study, discourse
knowledge acquisition, speech analysis, and applications on summarization,
translation, information retrieval and extraction, among other topics.

Detailed description of these research lines and the activities connected
to the Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics are available at:

The journal welcomes articles by researchers as well as by masters and PhD
students (in joint research with their advisors) through its electronic
system, available at:

Publishing and submission guidelines are available at:

For further information, please contact:

Caroline Santilli
Editorial Department of Scientific Periodicals
UAPPG (Office of  Research and Graduate Program) |  Unisinos
Tel: +55 51 35911100  |  Extension: 3103

You can also contact the editors of Calidoscópio:

Dr. Ana Maria S. Zilles
Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics
Tel: +55 51 35911100  Extension: 1338
anazil at

Dr. Dorotea Frank Kersch
Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics
Tel: +55 51 35908458
calidoscopio at

We appreciate your contribution for the permanent qualification of our
Ana Zilles and Dorotea Kersch

Editorial Board:
Ana Cristina Ostermann
Ana Maria de Mattos Guimarães
Rove Chisman
calidoscopio at

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