Updated RST web page and bibliographies

Maite Taboada mtaboada at SFU.CA
Thu Apr 3 21:28:01 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,

I have (finally) made some updates to the RST website 
(http://www.sfu.ca/rst/). I would very much like to get input in two areas:

1. RST bibliography
I regularly try to compile all references that come my way, but I'm sure 
I have missed a lot. Please have a look at the existing list, updated as 
of today, and send me information on publications that are missing from 
that list.

2. Projects/people using RST
I have created a new page to list active projects and researchers in 
RST. Please send me information if you'd like to be listed.

Thank you,
- Maite

Maite Taboada
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Simon Fraser University
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