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Call for papers for the symposium COHERENCE RELATIONS IN GRAMMAR, DISCOURSE

Coherence relations are object of studies in diverse areas in Linguistics.
In Functional Linguistics, a wide range of research studies investigate how
coherence relations arise from the combination of paratactic and hypotactic
clauses and their discourse functions. In Discourse Analysis, relations
held between texts spans have been studied in order to characterize various
genres. In Cognitive Linguistics, the investigation goes in the direction
of explicating how conceptual material that gives rise to the semantic and
pragmatic functions of coherence relations is packed into linguistic
material. From a computational point of view, applications have been
developed for machines to automatically perform tasks such as parsing,
discourse unit segmentation, detection of central units, study translation
strategies, discourse based sentiment analysis, discourse based question
answering, discourse summarization. In pedagogical applications, the study
of coherence relations in discourse can be useful to produce writing and
reading resources for teachers and students. In this symposium, we intend
to gather studies regarding coherence relations in grammar, discourse and
cognition from the perspective of Rhetorical Structure Theory and related
theories. Papers can be presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

The symposium will be held as part of the main conference “6th
International Colloquium of Linguistics and Literature”.

Venue: State University of Maringá (Brasil).

Date: August 18-21, 2020

Organizers of the workshop:

André Vinicius Lopes Coneglian (Federal University of Minas Gerais)

Juliano Desiderato Antonio (State University of Maringá)

Mikel Iruskieta (University of the Basque Country)

Abstract submission:

Abstracts must have from 2500 to 3000 characters (including spaces) and
must be submitted during the application at www.cielliuem.com.br

As the main conferece offers 70 symposiums, please choose symposium LING-21
“Relações de coerência na gramática, no discurso e na cognição” in the
submission form.

Abstract submission deadline: April 5, 2020

Full papers will be submitted after the conference in case the authors
desire to have them published in the proceedings.
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