Slavica Publishers moves to Indiana University

George Fowler gfowler at
Sun Sep 14 14:23:50 UTC 1997

Indiana University (IU) and Slavica Publishers, Inc. are pleased to
announce that on 27 August 1997 Indiana University acquired Slavica from
its founder and long-time publisher Charles E. Gribble (Professor of Slavic
Languages at The Ohio State University). From this day forward all orders
and editorial communications should be directed to:

Slavica Publishers                                      [Tel.] 1-812-856-4186
Indiana University                                       [Fax] 1-812-856-4187
2931 E. 10th St.                                  [Email] slavica at
Bloomington, IN 47408-2618 USA                [WWW] <>

Slavica operations at IU will be directed by Managing Editor George Fowler.
A new Editorial Committee has been constituted, chaired by Henry R. Cooper,
Jr., and initially including IU Slavists George Fowler, Steven Franks, Nina
Perlina, and Bozena Shallcross, as well as Charles Gribble as a non-voting
member. Additional colleagues from beyond IU will be invited to join the
Editorial Committee as additional expertise and input are required. Gribble
will help see through to completion certain projects begun under his
editorship, and will advise the new owners while they are learning the

Slavica remains committed to all existing authors' contracts, distribution
agreements, and other arrangements entered into by Charles Gribble. Several
new books are about to be printed, and a number of new initiatives are
under development, and will be announced later this fall. Slavica will
prepare this year's AATSEEL Program Book, and other areas of cooperation
with AATSEEL are under discussion as well.

Slavica is especially interested in attracting new, high-quality
submissions in the following categories: textbooks in Slavic and East
European languages; reference books; research monographs in literature,
linguistics, and language-teaching pedagogy; textbooks in literature or
linguistics; and thematic collections of articles. We welcome both
proposals for work in progress and completed manuscripts. We are also
willing to discuss distribution arrangements for books issued by other
publishers, computer software, and other media in our field.

In its 30 years of existence Slavica has become the leading U.S. specialty
publisher in our field, and it is indeed difficult to imagine the state of
the field today if Slavica had never existed. This is an auspicious time
for a new commitment of energy, money, and collaborative expertise to
renewing Slavica's role in shaping the course of our field and ushering it
into the 21st century. We at Indiana University are grateful to Charles
Gribble for his dedication and farsightedness in building up Slavica, and
we will spare no effort to maintain and enhance Slavica's contribution to
the allied causes of teaching and research in Slavic languages and

George Fowler
Managing Editor

George Fowler                [Email]    gfowler at
Dept. of Slavic Languages    [Home]     1-317-726-1482 **Try here first**
Ballantine 502               [Home Fax] 1-317-726-1642 [call first]
Indiana University           [Office]   1-812-855-2829
Bloomington, IN  47405       [Dept]     1-812-855-9906/-2624/-2608
USA                          [Dept Fax] 1-812-855-2107

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