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Wablenica mosind at
Mon Oct 2 21:28:26 UTC 2000

Dear John:

> I do admit that first/inclusive <=> second combinations are a
>significant addition and need to be introduced carefully.

I wonder is there a more adequate term for "we inclusive"/"dual" form of the
Siouan verb?
It seem to me that uN-thi'  "I & thou dwell" is not real dual because there
are NO (and never were) 2d p. dual and 3d. p. dual forms.
Strictly speaking, the form uN-thi' covers only a subset of the meanings of
"we inclusive" because uN-thi' pi means both "we exclusive" and "we
inclusive plural" - "I & thou & he" / "I & y'all"

Perhaps the term that I saw in Algonquinist linguistics is proper - "12p" ?
If so, the paradigm of a stative verb is compactly and symmetrically
described by a table with 4 rows and 2 columns:

1p sing.           } 1p plur
12p                  }
2p sing.            2p pl.
3p sing.            3p pl.

(Yet I know that David is against this layout)
Best wishes, Constantine.

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