Kaw and Osage 'rain', 'stand' and 'boy'

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On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Koontz John E wrote:
> I decided on Friday that I couldn't rely on my memory for this and had
> to check the data - my recordings, Dorsey, etc.  Unfortunately I never
> got to email over the weekend and so forgot the whole question!

In my field notebook II:17:

(Revising the notation somewhat for this context, I'll mark pitch as V' (V
high) V (V low) instead of acute and grave accents and convert the contour
mark I sometimes used when whole words seemed lower than preceding ones to
... (downstep) ...)

'it's raining'    naN'z^iN' (downstep) naN'z^iN'
                  rain                 stand
'he keep standing'  e'di'gaN (downstep) naN'z^iN'
                    e'di' naN'z^iN' s^aNs^aN
                    there stand     forever
naN'z^iN' s^aN's^aN     naN'z^iN' akH dhi's^taN'baz^i
it rains  forever       it's raining without ceasing
s^aN'aN's^aN 'forever, perpetually'

'it's raining now' iN'c^HaN (downstep) naN'z^iN'
'he's standing now' iN'c^aN (downstep) naN'z^iN'
 (asserted by speaker CS)  *no* difference


ni'u'z^i naN'z^iNtta a'kH sN'de 'past the water tower'


naN'z^iN'ttaitte (-tHe ??? I wonder now)
he ought to stay (i.e., stand)

Reverting to using ' to indicate the point at which accent is put (by

Dorsey 'stand'

90:17.14 na(N)z^iN'=bi=ama 'he stood'
90:23.20 na(N)z^iN'=i=ga 'stand ye!'
90:23.3 na(N)z^iN' akH(ama) 'they were standing'
90:23.4 dhana(N)'z^iN 'you stand'
90:27.7 na(N)z^iN' tHaN 'he was standing'

Cases of 'stand' with apparent initial acent:

90:183.6 na(N)'z^iN=b=adaN 'stand and (therefore)'
90:669.6 gdhedaN' na(N)'z^iN 'standing hawk' (a name)

Dorsey 'rain'

90:134.15 na(N)z^iN' 'rain'
90:134.17 na(N)z^iN' wiN'=dhaNdhaN'=xti 'rain(drops) just one at a time'
90:134.20 na(N)z^iN-u'bighaN'=xti 'very fine, misting rain'
90:199.10 na(N)z^iN' e' 'that rain'

I persistently marked the nasalization of the initial syllable's a with
(N) to emphasize that Dordsey doesn't mark nasalization after n, at least
not in this case.  But, e.g.,

90:207.17 naNb=i'dadhe 'two were born'
90:210.6 naNbe' 'hand'
90:220.4 naN 'grown (up)' (of a woman)


90:87.10 na(N)z^i'ha 'hair' (note that the second syllable isn't


> I also meant to check Miner's Winnebago version this weekend!

No. 2279:  naNaNz^iN' 'stand; stand up'  A1 naN'aNz^iN 'I stand up'

Which I believe implies:

PreWi   naN(aN)'=z^iN                       naN(aN)'=az^iN

No. 2365 niNiNz^u' 'rain'


PreWi    niNiN'-z^u

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