Ablaut paper.

R. Rankin rankin at ku.edu
Wed Nov 3 20:06:26 UTC 2004

To all those whom I just emailed the copy of my Ablaut paper as a .pdf file, my
apologies.  I just looked at the .pdf file on my wife's computer, which doesn't
have any Siouan fonts installed, and all of the more exotic phonological symbols
are garbage.  So Adobe Acrobat didn't embed them as it was supposed to.  At the
moment I don't quite know what to do about the problem, since the .pdf file
creation is automated.  I click on the button that says "make .PDF file", it
proceeds to chug along and make one, but it fails to embed the font.

If you already have John Koontz's Siouan Doulos font (downloadable from his web
site) installed on your PC, the symbols in the paper should read exactly right.
If you do not, or if you use a Mac, then in all probability what I sent you will
look like the proverbial "dog's breakfast".    I'll work on fixing the problem
and will re-send the paper when I get things solved.


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