Ablaut paper

"Alfred W. Tüting" ti at fa-kuan.muc.de
Thu Nov 4 07:28:49 UTC 2004

thanks a lot for ablaut.pdf

>To all those whom I just emailed the copy of my Ablaut paper as a .pdf
file, my apologies.  I just looked at the .pdf file on my wife's
computer, which doesn't have any Siouan fonts installed, and all of the
more exotic phonological symbols are garbage.  So Adobe Acrobat didn't
embed them as it was supposed to...  <<

The various fonts actually appear a bit strange: whereas in the tables
some fonts seem to display correctly (s-hacek, i/a-nasal hook, gamma?),
this doesn't hold for normal text (where there are weird c-cedilla etc.)

So hopefully I nevertheless will gather what you're saying ;)


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