OP u- and udhu- Verbs

Rory M Larson rlarson at unlnotes.unl.edu
Sun Nov 14 22:39:36 UTC 2004

John wrote:
>> aN'guna=i 'we hunted them' 90:434.2
> Except for the anomalous first person example, which I omitted here,
> plural third person object forms all have initial accent and presumably
> initial long vowel for the locative or inclusive pronoun reflecting
> contraction of wa- with the initial followed by loss of w before the
> rounded vowel of u- IN or aNg- A12.  The latter counts as rounded because
> it is from *uNk- (cf. Dakotan).  If we ever conclude that there are three
> nasal vowels in OP (or Dhegiha in general), then perhaps the one in aNg-
> is back/rounded anyway.

That makes sense.  So we should parse that as:


In that case, the accent falls on the first syllable naturally,
without having to assume generalization of a rule of shifting
the accent forward to indicate underlying wa-, as I suggested
in my last posting.

In this context, it might be worth mentioning again that our
speakers insist that the sequence


should be pronounced




as Dorsey records it.  That would seem to be independent
corroboration of the conservative back/rounded nature of
OP aNg- that John proposes above.


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