OP u- and udhu- Verbs

Koontz John E John.Koontz at colorado.edu
Mon Nov 15 16:55:10 UTC 2004

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004, Rory M Larson wrote:
> In this context, it might be worth mentioning again that our
> speakers insist that the sequence
>   *uNk-o'-[root]
> should be pronounced
>   ugu'-[root],
> not
>   aNgu'-[root]

Interesting!  No perceptible nasalization?

> as Dorsey records it.  That would seem to be independent corroboration
> of the conservative back/rounded nature of OP aNg- that John proposes
> above.

It may be time to look again at the "back" nasal(s).  I've been wondering
if there's anything in the Ponca decision to opt for aN vs. the Omaha one
to opt for oN.

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