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Jan Ullrich jfu at centrum.cz
Mon Nov 15 19:24:21 UTC 2004

> I was wondering if any of you recognise the word 'suyapi' as a
> Siouan word. It sure looks like something Dakotan, but I can't
> place it. Ideas?

Riggs gives the Dakota word
suya, adv. rightly, well
from su 'seed'

In Lakota wasuyA means 'to make a law, to judge"
I know wasuyA is used both in old texts and among contemporary speakers, but
I have never heard among speakers or seen in any dictionary suyA, which
would be expected vt of wa-suyA.
However, both Dakota and Lakota use yusu, vt 'to make right, to make ready'.

So to me, the causative form suyA seems likely but I don't find any evidence
to support its existence.

But I think it is not impossible that a vt form perishes, but its wa- form
survives. I am just guessing but perhaps examples could be found.


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