Siouan stops

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Tue Nov 16 15:50:08 UTC 2004

I have an article on this.  See:

On Siouan Aspiration.  In David S. Rood and Jule Gómez de García, eds.,
Proceedings of the 1993 Mid-America Linguistics Conference and Siouan/Caddoan
Languages Conference, Boulder:  University of Colorado Department of
Linguistics, (1996).

Yes, Siouan languages either have or had an aspirated series of stops in
addition to plain ones.  See the list archives for my comment on the Biloxi
dotted stops a couple of weeks ago.


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> Do Siouan languages typically have both aspirated and non-aspirated stops?
I'm asking because of the lenition situation in Biloxi, which Dorsey is
representing with a dot under the stop.  (There were a couple of emails that
floated back and forth about this earlier.)  I'm wondering what the situation is
in other Siouan languages for comparison.
> Thanks,
> Dave

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