Benefactive Reflexives

Jan Ullrich jfu at
Wed Nov 17 08:30:48 UTC 2004

> In fact, it now occurs to me that ic'i-forms are the ONLY forms that I
have managed

> to elicit so far when benefactive reflexives were at issue.

I think the igl- and ikp- forms can do that just as well as ic?i-

Here is an example from my text corpus:

chaN    kiN             iglaksapi = They cut the wood for themselves

(iglaksa = refl. from kaksa)

> The other thing that comes to my mind is that some verbs, among these k'u

> when the benefactive (no matter if reflexive or not) is expressed, never
combine with

> the benefactive person markers, but rather, with plain patient ('object')
forms. Such as:

k'u is also used with ic?i in both reflexive and reflexive benefactive:

Phezhi etaN' ii'c?ikcupi na owiN'shthuNpi.

They took some grass for themselves and spread it to sleep on

Unki'yepi etaN'haN xeya'b ii'c?ikcu.

She has taken herself away from us.

But perhaps I got lost a bit in your discussion of benefactive person
markers in place of plain patients.

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